About us

We are a company which started its operations in 2016. But the work has begun in a very unusual way. It all started as a project of a student who goes to high school, a direction in which information technology is going, who is now the owner of this company he was supposed to make a web site about anything, and he decided to make a web site about your company then non-existent, not knowing what will happen to all. After he made his web site for his company, he started himself says various other websites for other people, I started to program a variety of programs to make applications for computers, phones and so on. In this he was joined by another friend, and later another, and together they began to work, and were able after a time to celebrate and be one of the most famous people in this business. The company is primarily engaged in programming. Programming in Java is the core business of the company, are made by different applications for a variety of things. In addition to programming computer programs, they create programs for phones, for Android and iOS devices. Also, and except for some common applications, pravimoi games, as much for the same number of computers and phones. The company acquires greater and greater popularity and except that specializes in computer software, wanted to begin to deal with the hardware, but it is still not known, but more so be with us and find out what is happening, and what will be happen.

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