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We also:

-help with creating websites, and also make websites for very little cost

-give advice and provide assistance as if you need it, if our tutorials on YouTube is not enough help

-answer your questions on our Facebook page

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About us

OCompany is an organization that began its work in 2016 . We make games , we are dealing with web design and web programming as usual programming. Recorders tutorials for various applications: Adobe After Effects , Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D ... I hope you like our work and that we will reach the top as quickly as possible.

The creator of these companies is student who enrolled in information technology. Combining knowledge from school , learning at home , outside of the school curriculum , they decided to begin work .

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On our site you will be able to find whatever you need. In addition to site , you can also follow us on on our facebook page , you tube channel , Twitter and Instagram . If you need help with something , and the tutorials are not enough to help you , also you can contact us via e-mail or send us a message on the Facebook page

In short we explain who we are and what we do , and now you can begin to work , and I hope that you will help me to succeed as much as possible .


-soon begin shooting tutorials.
-write to us that tutorials first want to record.

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